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About Us


Sterling Farm Research and Services Pvt Ltd (SFRS) was established in 1987, by a group of professionals from the life science with a commitment to develop agriculture as an industry by manufacturing and marketing blended fertilizers, plant macro and micro nutrients, cocopeat blocks, cocopeat grow bags, grow cubes and other garden care products. We are one of the first companies to introduce specialty Agro products in India.

When the company initially started in 1987, our product line consisted only of Agro products like NPK Fertilizers, Organic Manure and Micronutrients products for domestic market. Then we started an in-house analytical lab facility mainly to be used for internal research and development and for the use of our own products. We started looking at the needs of the market and introduced various specialty Agro products like water soluble Macro and Micro plant nutrients, organic pest control products using natural ingredients etc. Later we developed our award-winning product Neopeat which is a soil substitute made from processed coir husk.

Neopeat gained popularity in domestic and Overseas markets and now extensively used for Mushroom cultivation, Hydroponics, Greenhouse and Tissue Culture Labs. Neopeat thus helped us to enter into the global market as a substitute for the non-eco-friendly peat which was getting banned in many countries. This helped to increase the revenue of the company. We currently exports Neopeat to countries like Kenya, UK, Hungary, Singapore, Qatar, Romania etc.

Quality Policy

We have three main divisions

• Fertilizer and Garden Care Product’s Division
• Farm and Inputs Consultancy Project’s Division and
• Export Division

All our products are checked and verified at each step of its production. Most of our products are developed in the Research & Development wing of our company. Our products are periodically tested and corrections are made if required.

Fertilizer and Garden Care Product’s Division – This division includes manufacturing and marketing of NPK fertilizers in mixture form and micro-nutrients. One of the main Garden Care Product is Neopeat (Processed Cocopeat) which is an eco-friendly soil substitute and soil conditioner that is made from coconut husk. This product finds applications in floriculture and horticulture and mushroom industries. We are the first company in India to commercially manufacture a superior peat substitute from coconut husk, under the above brand name.

Farm and Inputs Consultancy Project’s Division – By virtue of the experience in the field of agriculture, we are involved in extending consultancy services in areas like Green House Farming, Commercial cashew cultivation, wasteland reclamation, greening desserts and assisting agri-inputs developing projects for startup companies. The projects include greening the coal dump in Jamshedpur, India and Greening Desert in Qatar.

Export Division – Exports Neopeat products, Green Isle products, Neem products etc to more than 36 countries. Apart from this we are also operating as sourcing agent for international buyers and cater their requirement which ranges from Agriculture products, Chemicals, Engineering goods, Pharmaceutical products etc.


With an experience of over 33 years in the field of agriculture, we have entered into Hi-tech agriculture. High-tech farming is a knowledge-based agricultural system that makes use of technology to increase the productivity and quality of the farm’s produce. It usually takes place in densely populated areas where land is limited and costly. It uses computer technology and automation to manage process such as Watering, Fertigation and Pest Control to ensure high-quantity and quality products. Making “HEALTHY AND SAFE TO EAT” food affordable to all is our vision. Core Group headed by MD identifies and evaluates the bench marks and a panel from different divisions to tackle assignments.

By introducing our high tech speciality agro inputs and projects knowledge we are proud to announce our achievement in urban farming and making a start in hobby farming in South India.

Our team is busy in developing new products even in this Covid times. Now our focus is into products for growing healthy vegetables and fruits. Microgreen cubes and Cowdung 6+ (High Zinc) are some of them. You may expect more such innovative products from Sterling Group.


Conceived initially as an in-house analytical facility for the companies own products, the test house used to offer services to outside organizations and manufacturers of tea, coffee, spices, food, water, drugs etc. The lab is approved by government agencies like Pollution Control Board, Water Authority, NABL, FSSAI etc. This test facility has since been sold to a US based company namely Neogen Food & Animal Security (India) Pvt. Ltd. in 2015.

We continue to maintain adequate facility for research of Fertilizers as well as Garden Care Products and also develop new customized products for the market.